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AMAG by 2024: Commitments to Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Positive Psychology, Wealth & Wellness 



 ESG - Environmental Social Governance


As artists and creatives we intend to be at the forefront of change in ESG.


AMAG aims to be completely carbon neutral by January 1st, 2024.

 In order to accomplish this, our core team has committed to the following by 2024: 

  1. Our private studios in Canada and USA will operate on 100% solar/ renewable power.

  2. Converting to/ buying audio equipment only from companies with ESG policies in line with ours.

  3. Purchasing carbon offsets to minimize environmental damage from our extensive traveling.

  4. Switching fully to EV’s for personal and business use while tracking milage.

  5. Consuming vegetarian based diets and switching to plant based meat alternatives (diet/ health permitting).


Positive Psychology

 Artists and creative individuals are by dynamic by nature. The music business is notoriously tough on mental health. 


 By July 1st 2022, all of our core team members will be certified in basic therapy & positive psychology.  

Wealth & Wellness 


By Jan 1st 2022, AMAG will build financial planning/ wealth management into our core artist management practice. We commit to helping our clients build credit, manage debt and invest and set up for long term financial success.             


By July 1st 2022, AMAG will have a team member certified and trained in fitness and diet planning, in order to assist our clients with rigours of touring.

On behalf of the AMAG team, 


AM Sharma 

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